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Serving both organizations and individuals, we were founded to provide sophisticated products from top-rated insurance companies and advanced risk management solutions which could include procedures and risk controls. We combine diverse experience in software, the Internet, education, financial documents, media, communications, technology, e-commerce, supply chain, mobile, cybersecurity, nonprofits and transportation with cutting-edge guidance on insurance and risk management. 
Austin Morris Jr., president, earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Southern Methodist University. He earned Master degrees from The Pennsylvania State University, in University Park, and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in New Brunswick. Previously he was an executive vice president for a leading technology company. Having served on several boards, Mr. Morris is currently Board Chairman for a federal agency-affiliated nonprofit founded in 1972.   

Commitment to Excellence
  • To understand and be responsive to each client's unique needs
  • To be on the cutting edge of liability issues, insurance products and risk management solutions
  • To surpass client and business partner expectations
  • To make a positive difference in our community